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Lake County Tech Campus
  • Position Number: 4210832
  • Location: Grayslake, IL
  • Position Type: Computer and Information Technology

Job Summary:
To help prepare students for careers in the computer field or the Computer Support Services industry.


  • Must meet all qualifications for the appropriate license through theIllinois State Board of Education and must have considerable experience in all aspects of the trades.

  • Must have strong knowledge of the course content and be able to convey that knowledge to students.

  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills

  • Must have excellent spoken and written communication skills

  • Must submit to a criminal background check

  • Experience developing courses or online materials preferred.

  • Experience with the latest tools, technologies, and innovations in the industry preferred Responsibilities:

General Duties

  • Recognize each student's worth and dignity and strive for the educational success, including those with special needs

  • Implement effective teaching and be able to indicate how his/her teaching techniques and theories meet the learning styles of each student

  • Must be able to meet the same physical requirements as working in your profession (This includes but is not limited too; lifting objects of similar weight, climbing structures of similar situations on a worksite, operating similar equipment as you would in your profession, being able to persevere in the same situations expected in your professional work environment)

Teaching & Curriculum Responsibilities

  • Participate in the development and implementation of program curriculum

  • Organize and manage the program effectively in order that the purposes of instruction are promoted and can be achieved

  • Use, when possible, a variety of appropriate techniques and methods, and select and utilize materials which are compatible with the curriculum, the educational objectives, and the needs and abilities of all students.

  • Provide opportunities for students to plan, participate in, and evaluate program activities

  • Maintain a purposeful, orderly, attractive, safe, and healthy classroom environment

  • Develop and implement Program Pathways

  • Develop program displays to be placed in display cases as requested by Administration

  • Provide assistance to special needs students and/or other students who request help

  • Take an active part in job placement of students

  • Make reasonable effort to maintain communication with the teachers of member school districts in articulating curriculum and instructional methods used at the Lake County Tech Campus

  • Articulate the updating of instructional program and curriculum development with program advisory committees and representatives of local business and industry partners

  • Will not discriminate because of race, religion, or sex against any student

  • Accept each student as a person possessing individual worth and dignity and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when dealing with students

Professional and Community Responsibilities

  • Strive to understand the practical implications of the statement of philosophy of the Lake County Tech Campus, and work to implement school goals which support the school mission

  • Be in attendance and available for the fulfillment of duties during the entire school working day, unless previous arrangements have been made with Administration and/or Board

  • Participate in the development of curriculum within the classroom and Lake County Tech Campus

  • Serve on committees appointed by Administration for the improvement of the Lake County Tech Campus

  • Utilize school equipment and supplies properly and be accountable for the physical condition of all program equipment while under his/her supervision

  • Complete all necessary records and reports on time and accurately

  • Attend and participate in Lake County Tech Campus faculty meetings

  • Dress in a manner which will encourage neatness and high-caliber personal hygiene habits on the part of the students

  • Aid the Administration in enforcing the rules of the Lake County Tech Campus

  • Demonstrate respect for the profession, for effective teaching and the professional attributes, and for the competencies of his/her co-workers

  • Pursue educational and professional development opportunities

  • Abide by the rules of the Lake County Tech Campus

Length of Contract:9 1/2 months, Full-Time

Salary Range:Per the Union contract, depending on experience

Application Procedure:
To apply please click on the link

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